Sr Amedeo Charity Society

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Trevor is suffering a neuro medical complication that resulted into his head come to this size. He needs about U$ 700 to receive medical attention and support after medication to run his daily life including food and other basic needs. He here to see more pics.

Visiting Trevor

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Welcome to Sister Amedeo Charity Society-SACS here in Rakai District a Ugandan District bordering Tanzania in East Africa. We’re a Charity Organisation with a vision to help and support orphans, single parents and aged people in Rakai particularly in Kitasiba-Kakuuto area 16 Kilometers from Uganda-Tanzania boarder. We're equally expanding our projects to various parts of the country.

 The HIV endemic which spread in this area the last 30 years has left so many orphans, widows and other victims short of basic needs like food, clean water and housing among others.

Some orphans are staying without guardians and this leads them to go without food, clean water, medication among other basic needs.


Widows and widowers also have a nasty experience where a number of them move without  basic needs like food and medical facilities. The aged people most of them have lost their children who would be taking care of them; such people are challenged with a life of suffering since they cannot help themselves fully because besides being poor they are old.

HIV prevalence is still high calling for more preventive measures, awareness, counseling services, treatment and much more. This is the basis of Sister Amedeo Charity Society Operation in one of Uganda’s most HIV/AIDS affected districts. We believe that your intervention and partnering with us as well as donations can save lives of people today. Click here to read more